Jahil Maplestone


Jahil is the Co/Founder and handles all the production operations at Descendant Cider Company. From driving the trucks to smashing the apples, Jahil does it all.

What started with Jahil brewing beer in his backyard shed in native Australia, transferred to the kitchen and basement of their tiny Brooklyn apartment. After a while, all this equipment and “product testing” was wearing pretty thin with his wife Alex, so Jahil started making her cider. Finally she saw a benefit to having to climb over kettles and carboys just to get to the bathroom.

After some of Jahil's cider took first place in a competition, the idea to take it to the people began to grow.

Alexandria Fisk


Alex is the Co/Founder and takes charge of all the business dealings and development over at Descendant HQ.

Alex has had a varied career working in finance and technology. That’s enough to drive anyone to drink so when her husband started producing fine hand crafted cider in the basement of their tiny Brooklyn apartment, needless to say she was very encouraging.

As the years rolled by she kept saying, “Jahil, you should make this your job!”, until one day she decided enough is enough and decided to jump on board and help start the first cider company in New York City.