Our Ciders

All of our ciders are produced with fruit sourced from the Hudson Valley in New York State. We make real cider from real apples. We believe in crafting a product by hand, with natural ingredients, so we don't ferment concentrate, add artificial essences and we don't use any unnatural products for shelf life stability.


Our first commercial cider is "Succession". It's a crisp, off dry cider designed with session-ability in mind. It's a blend of 6 apple varieties fermented to dryness and then sweetened with a blend of fresh pressed apple juice to balance the acidity. GLINTCAP: SILVER MEDAL


"Pomme" is a delicious blend of apples, pomegranate and hibiscus flowers. It's crisp, tart and refreshing. The pomegranate is used purely to balance the cider whilst not adding an overpowering fruit cider character. GLINTCAP: SILVER MEDAL


Heirloom cider apples blended with ginger and steeped with cardamom pods. Spicy ginger compliment the semi dry cider followed with aromatic cardamom.

RED BUSH (6.5%) 

Dry cider, with a secondary fermentation and steeped with South African Rooibos tea and fresh orange zest.


Descendant's Dry Hopped is a crisp, dry cider, generously dry hopped with Citra, Cascade and Crystal hops. Aromas of tropical and stone fruits, pine and spice. A truly crushable, clean, dry cider.


DESCENDANT DRY (6.9%) - 2016 Harvest available

Dry" has strong ripe apple aromas and bright acidity balanced with bittersweet tannin. It is medium body and bone dry. It also has bright appearance as a result of the aging process.

WILDERNESS (7.3%) - 2015 Harvest - only available at McGolrick Park

A blend of wild seedling apple trees and long forgotten orchards that have been overlooked for decades.  Over sixty unique apple trees are in this true representation of an historic apple growing region between the Southern Catskills and the Delaware river.  Complex acidity with mild tannins and aromas of stone fruit.  This dry cider has a brilliant pale gold appearance. GLINTCAP: GOLD MEDAL

ENGLISH KILLS (7.2%) - 2015 Harvest available

This dry English Bittersweet cider is a blend of vintage English cider apples fermented long and slow over four months then aged for another six months.  Rich tannins and ripe fruit aromas combine in this traditional approach to English cider making.  A rich golden appearance this cider is completely unfiltered or clarified in anyway.

PAIR (8.5%) - 2014 Harvest sold out

We have paired apples and heavily russeted pears and aged the cider in single use whiskey barrels made of American Oak.  The cider is a balance of the apples acidity with the pears unfermentable sugars alongside the nutty quality from the russeted pear.  Complemented by the rich oak and vanilla aspects of the whiskey barrel, perfect as we head into the cooler seasons.